What I’m Watching: My Fall 2016 TV Guide

As an avid TV fan and aspiring TV writer, I’m often asked the questions, “What do you like to watch?” and “What are your favorite shows?” and “What are you watching?”. I’m pretty much asked some variant of this every time I meet someone new and we talk career stuff, so you’d think I’d have come up with a good answer by now. But NOPE. I’m almost always completely frazzled by the question and can’t think of a proper, concise answer because honestly… I WATCH TOO MANY SHOWS. (And yet still not enough.)

So here’s a compilation of everything I’m currently watching. I say CURRENTLY as in currently airing or having aired episodes in the current year. Out of all these shows, I genuinely hope you, dear reader, also watch at least a handful of them. If you do, we’re gonna need to get together ASAP and fangirl out because I LOVE talking bout my shows! Or hey, if you’re looking for some new shows to watch, maybe I’ll convince you to check some of these out.

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Describe Yourself in 3 Fictional Characters

I couldn’t help but jump on board this funwagon. This challenge of describing yourself in three fictional characters has been sweeping the Internet. Challenge accepted! Now I wish I was as smart as The Doctor or as spunky as Veronica Mars or as funny as Chandler Bing, but I’m not quite that cool. Still, after some consideration, I chose three fictional characters who actually describe me pretty well.


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Comic Con 2016 Recap: Day Four – To Boldly Go to the Bathroom

I’m finally wrapping up my Comic Con 2016 recap posts with the last day of the convention, Day Four AKA Sunday! Comic Con is always an overwhelming and exhausting few days, but it’s so much fun and I’ve truly loved going for the past 10 years. As a hugely sentimental and nostalgic person, my future self will someday thank me for these detailed blog posts. Now please, catch up on my recaps for Preview Night, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and join me as I close out my Comic Con journey for 2016!

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Comic Con 2016 Recap: Day Three – Baby Groot, ‘Nuff Said

If you’ve heard of Comic Con, you’ve probably heard of all the lines and all the waiting. You pretty much have to wait in a line for everything — panels, photo ops, bathroom, food, the elevator to your hotel. Well, the wait is over! For this post at least. It’s finally time for my Comic Con recap for Saturday, AKA Day Three, AKA Marvel Day! Be sure to check out my Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday recaps first. Now on to the recap, where my waiting was actually just beginning…

#SquadGoals (Hall H Line)

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Comic Con 2016 Recap: Day Two – I’m More Sweat Than Human Now

Conversations for a Cause with Zachary Levi (Nerd HQ)

We’ve made it to Friday! This was definitely my busiest day at the con, so stick with me — I’ve got a lot to share. Make sure you’re caught up with my Wednesday and Thursday Comic Con recaps as well! Now on to the madness…

First stop: Nerd HQ.

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Comic Con 2016 Recap: Day One – BRB, Going to a Wedding

Okay, it’s day two of my Comic Con recap and we’re on day one AKA Thursday. Confused, yet? That’s Comic Con. Half the time you’re standing in a line and you don’t even know what it’s for. Just kidding — that’s never happened. If you didn’t read about Wednesday’s Preview Night recap yet, make sure to check it out first! Now moving on…

Thursday officially marks the beginning of Comic Con. If you’ve done your prep right, you’ll have a schedule full of panels, exhibit hall wandering, offsite events, and all that fun stuff, you know, like going to The Cat Cafe.

I didn’t go to The Cat Cafe. I’m very sad about this. I’m sure the kitties were too.

The worst part about Comic Con is that you can’t be in five places at once. This year, I ran into a unique conflict. Two of my friends were getting married a couple hours away at the Sierra La Verne Country Club. What a pickle. A worse pickle than being sandwiched by zombies on a plane…Read More »

Comic Con 2016 Recap: Preview Night – But First, Let Me Take a Selfie with LEGO Batman

San Diego Comic Con International 2016

Another year of Comic Con has come and gone. This was my TENTH consecutive time attending for all four days plus Preview Night! I’m what they call a “lucky duck.” Now I’m just going to assume you are all familiar with the largest pop culture convention in the world that takes place in San Diego, California, every year.

Comic Con is basically like Christmas in July. Except you have to wait in really long lines for your gifts. It’s like entering into the world of Narnia and then a few days later getting spit back out into the real world. Four magical days (five, including Preview Night) and then it’s back to regular life again. But Comic Con is so draining and exhausting that we probably need those 360 days to recuperate every year.

While I’m in my recuperation period, I thought I’d share some of my highlights, memories, and photos from the long weekend! Starting with Day Zero AKA Preview Night…Read More »