Attending the World Premiere of Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens


Happy May the 4th!  As in “May the fourth be with you” for us Star Wars nerds, which is basically everyone at this point, isn’t it?  It’s been several months since the long-awaited Episode VII premiered in theaters on Friday, December 18, 2015.  Just a few days before that, on December 14th, I happened to be lucky enough to attend the WORLD PREMIERE and official after party of The Force Awakens in Los Angeles.

Since that entire week was INSANE and then traveling and Christmas festivities quickly followed, I never really got a chance to write or share about my experience.  But since it’s May 4th, Star Wars Day, I feel justified in spamming the Internet with all my badly-lit red carpet photos, selfies, and after-partying from that incredible week.  Just a warning – I’m probably going to turn on Caps Lock…A LOT.Read More »