Comic Con 2016 Recap: Day One – BRB, Going to a Wedding

Okay, it’s day two of my Comic Con recap and we’re on day one AKA Thursday. Confused, yet? That’s Comic Con. Half the time you’re standing in a line and you don’t even know what it’s for. Just kidding — that’s never happened. If you didn’t read about Wednesday’s Preview Night recap yet, make sure to check it out first! Now moving on…

Thursday officially marks the beginning of Comic Con. If you’ve done your prep right, you’ll have a schedule full of panels, exhibit hall wandering, offsite events, and all that fun stuff, you know, like going to The Cat Cafe.

I didn’t go to The Cat Cafe. I’m very sad about this. I’m sure the kitties were too.

The worst part about Comic Con is that you can’t be in five places at once. This year, I ran into a unique conflict. Two of my friends were getting married a couple hours away at the Sierra La Verne Country Club. What a pickle. A worse pickle than being sandwiched by zombies on a plane…

Yes, I fear the walking dead. (Anchor Bay Entertainment Booth)

THANK GOODNESS the Marvel panel wasn’t on Thursday. I’d skip my own wedding for that. Kidding! I’d just have the wedding in Hall H, obvi. Benedict Cumberbatch could’ve been the officiant. Or the groom, whichever.

ANYWAY. My Thursday scheduling included a pretty big detour to join in for the wedding festivities, so I didn’t get to spend long at the convention before hitting the road to sit in traffic. But here’s what I did do.

I went to The Walking Dead booth AGAIN. They had started their raffle for signing tickets. Basically, you get in the same line as photo ops for the booth, and when you get to the front, you reach into a bag full of tickets. If you pull a winning ticket, then YAY you get to participate in the autograph signing with the cast when they show up on Friday. They only have like 50 winners, so the odds are not in your favor. It’s nearly impossible to get in line to begin with since they cap it off within seconds due to crowding and fire marshall rules. But I went for it anyways. I managed to make it into the line, but no luck choosing a winning ticket. Sad face.

Maybe I should’ve tried Negan’s eenie meenie miney mo method.

I’m not the droid you’re looking for. (AMC’s The Walking Dead Booth)

I’ve loved The Walking Dead for many years now, but this year they’ve got Jeffrey Dean Morgan as a series regular. Like, are you kidding me? John freaking Winchester. So yeah, I really wanted that winning autograph ticket. But that’s all right. I still got to see the whole cast on Friday — but more on that coming up in Friday’s post!

I wandered around the exhibit hall for a bit before heading to a panel called The Pitching Hour. I’ve got stories and ideas, but pitching them feels like an art all on its own, so I really needed some wisdom from this panel. Unfortunately, I never got to go because my body decided to hate me, and I ended up having to go back to my hotel to lie down for awhile. By the time I started feeling better, I was already needing to get ready for the wedding and peace out of San Diego for the day.

So, Thursday at Comic Con was kind of uneventful for me. But look at this cutie that I caught in the lobby of my hotel. Perfect timing ’cause I was really needing a wedding date. What a catch, am I right??

Gotta catch em all! Who else is playing PokemonGO?  (Marriott Gaslamp hotel)

Despite some terrible traffic, I made it to the wedding ceremony on time. I took two steps out of the car and one of my cute magenta wedges (those are shoes for anyone who doesn’t know) broke in two. I can catch a Pikachu, but I can’t catch a break. Luckily, I had a pair of flip flops with me and just hoped that no one saw how undressed my feet were.

The wedding was beautiful — there were vows, there was a candle that would not light due to the wind, there was a lot of sun in the face, there was some great backlighting, there were laughs, and there was lots of love. I’m so happy for my friends Chelsea and Sammy — they’re married now!

The Mr. and Mrs. — Not quite in that order above. (Sierra La Verne Country Club)

The reception was awesome, AKA it was full of food.

I legit started bawling during the toasts and the daddy/daughter dance.

Oh, and we had some fun in the photo booth!


I’m wearing a fez and a bow tie. Anyone? Doctor Who fans? Reppin’ that Eleventh Doctor (since they didn’t have any 3D glasses). Gotta keep it nerdy — I was supposed to be at Comic Con after all.

It was a late night driving back to San Diego, and I missed out on the MTV Fandom Awards at Petco Park and the annual dance party at Nerd HQ. BUT we had our own wedding party, so it’s all good! I really am so glad I got to celebrate the union of these two loving people and share in such great memories with great company.

Now Friday is when the REAL Comic Con madness begins. I actually went to panels, saw celebrities, got drenched in sweat, waited in lines — the whole shebang. IT’S COMING. So check back if you want to hear more!

**CLICK HERE to read on for Day Two: Friday’s Recap


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