Comic Con 2016 Recap: Day Four – To Boldly Go…to the Bathroom

I’m finally wrapping up my Comic Con 2016 recap posts with the last day of the convention, Day Four AKA Sunday! Comic Con is always an overwhelming and exhausting few days, but it’s so much fun and I’ve truly loved going for the past 10 years. As a hugely sentimental and nostalgic person, my future self will someday thank me for these detailed blog posts. Now please, catch up on my recaps for Preview Night, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and join me as I close out my Comic Con journey for 2016!

I got a late start to the day because: Lazy. But Sunday is usually a more relaxed day anyway, so I wasn’t too worried about getting into panels. I headed to Hall H with my dad for their first panel of the day, which was for BBC’s Sherlock. The panel had been walk-in, but just as we made it there, they capped it off. Of course. We waited for a few minutes, and then the line managers announced that no one else would be getting in for Sherlock. I had planned to stay for the next panel for Supernatural anyway, so no big. My dad and I decided to just wait in line.

Hall H Line Selfies with my dad. (Hall H Line)

I appreciated that this time they told us that we FOR SURE weren’t making it into Sherlock, so I didn’t keep waiting around in anticipation. I was able to leave and go to the bathroom, yippee! I may have took a slight detour on my way back and got a look at the Supernatural signing at the WB booth. I just wanted an early glimpse at my boys, okay?? But alas, all good things come with a price. My dad texted me and told me that the line had started moving again and that he was already in Hall H. Womp womp.

I raced back to the Hall H line, but it was too late for me. I talked with one of the line managers — I mean, hey, it was their fault for CONFIRMING we wouldn’t make it in for Sherlock but then opening the line up a few minutes later. Curse my bladder! Oh well. The line people couldn’t let me in to join with my dad, but they at least put me at the front of the line since I would’ve been in front of all those people anyway — I’m not cutting!! Luckily, within a few minutes, they counted off an extra 10 people and let us into the room.

YAY I was reunited with my dad in Hall H and nothing else mattered because nothing is more important than family and spending quality time oh hi Benedict Cumberbatch. What was I saying again?


Dr. Strangelock Holmes was in da house again. I came at the very end of the panel, so I just witnessed a few audience questions, Benedict giving a really sweet long thank you to the fans, and a new trailer for the upcoming season.

After the Sherlock panel was over, the room cleared significantly to make way for the Supernatural fans, and I was able to find my dad and me a much closer spot. I think I’ve made it to the Supernatural panel nearly all of my years of coming to Comic Con, and it’s always one of my highlights because these boys are freaking hilarious! I’ve never seen a show with actors who love each other and their fans so dearly. It’s literally a Supernatural family.


They showed a highlight reel of the most recent season then brought out actors Richard Speight, Jr. and Rob Benedict, who respectively play Gabriel and Chuck Shurley/God, to moderate the panel. They introduced executive producer Robert Singer, showrunner Andrew Dabb, and stars Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, and Mark Sheppard.

At the end of the season 11 finale, SPOILER ALERT…they revealed the return of Mary Winchester, Sam and Dean’s mom. So they actually have some ladies on the panel for once, with Samantha Smith as Mary and Ruth Connell returning as Crowley’s mother Rowena.

I’m super excited to see where they take the show this upcoming 12th season. I mean, how do you top God? But looks like they’re going back to basics and sticking to the heart of the show — family. I can’t wait!

But the most intriguing part of the panel was…

Jared Padalecki’s beanie!!

Poor Jared is always getting garbage for all his beanies and scarves — how does someone get that cold?? But I was seriously intrigued by how many times he took his beanie off then put it back on again throughout the course of the panel. It was AT LEAST five times. Jared and his beanie are more on and off again than Rachel and Ross. I’m pretty sure he’s just teasing all the fans who desperately want a look at those luscious locks of his. I see you, Jared.




Next, I met up with a friend who was working over at Nerd HQ. I was able to go to the “backstage” area and play the Bullet Train demo for Oculus. It was ten minutes of virtual reality awesomeness! I seriously would’ve played that game all day if I could’ve. With those goggles and headphones, you are totally immersed into the 360 degree world of the game. I felt like I was Neo in The Matrix, even though I probably looked crazy to anyone watching me. I also saw Nathan Fillion and Zachary Levi hanging out backstage. NO BIG.

It was great catching up with my friend, AND I got a chocolate chip cookie…so, WINNING.

Across the street was an offsite setup for the MAC Cosmetics Star Trek makeup line in honor of Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary. They even had an incredible recreation of the original series’ transporter room. So of course I HAD to get a picture.


I wasn’t quite sure what they were doing at the time, but turns out you get more than just a picture, you get a cool video of you transporting!

Sunday’s are easily the most chill day of the con, so I mostly just wandered around the exhibit hall again to check out anything I had missed and make a few purchases. There’s usually some great deals on Sunday since it’s the final day and everyone’s trying to get rid of stuff. But then again, some of the best items sell out way before Sunday, so it’s a bit of a gamble. I ended up buying some artwork, because you can never have enough nerdy things on your walls!

And I couldn’t help snapping one last Star Trek photo on the exhibit floor:

I think I need one of these in my living room. (Roddenberry Entertainment Booth)

As booths were scrambling to get rid of things and pack up, I snagged a few more freebies on my way out and was even given this amazing Star Wars Planet Hoth Utility Mat!


Thank you to the nice gentleman over at the Star Wars auto accessories booth. This mat is a whopping 18 x 24 inches and very sturdy! It’s much too large for my car, but makes for a wonderfully nerdy welcome mat to my apartment. Getting this nice little gift was a pretty perfect ending to the Comic Con weekend!

After the con was over, there was lots of stuff to be packed, food to be eaten, and driving to be done. It was a great tenth year at Comic Con, and I had such a fun time experiencing and even recounting it all. Hope you enjoyed reading about all my reminiscing! So, that’s the end of my Comic Con journey this year! Who knows what next year will have in store? I supposed only Chuck God knows.



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