Describe Yourself in 3 Fictional Characters

I couldn’t help but jump on board this funwagon. This challenge of describing yourself in three fictional characters has been sweeping the Internet. Challenge accepted! Now I wish I was as smart as The Doctor or as spunky as Veronica Mars or as funny as Chandler Bing, but I’m not quite that cool. Still, after some consideration, I chose three fictional characters who actually describe me pretty well.


Leslie Knope (Parks and Recreation), Lily Aldrin (How I Met Your Mother), and Monica Geller (Friends). As an aspiring TV writer, of course I had to choose three TV characters. These ladies portray most of the obsessive, lovey, controlling, maternal, loud, pushy, and overly caring sides of me. Coming in at a close second…

Honorable Mentions: 

Amy Santiago (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) and Rebecca Bunch (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend)

As I was writing this up, I couldn’t help but think of all the ways I connected with these characters. So here’s just 7 of the times where I totally felt like Leslie, Lily, and Monica. If you know me at all…some of these are scary accurate.

7 times I totally felt like Leslie Knope:

1. When she was totally super chill all the time…or maybe just fiercely passionate.

2. When her bestie knew she had zero boundaries and cared way too much.

3. When she was freaking out and just needed her bestie to keep telling her it’s going to be okay. Thanks, Ann!

4. When she kept trying to help her friend find love.

5. When she was jealous and overreacted and the world was ending at the sight of her man even talking to someone else. “What do you mean just talking? He’s smiling, and she’s being very charming. Is she more charming than me? Ann, if you say yes, I will kick you, I swear to God!”


6. When she was sentimental AF.

7. When this:

7 times I totally felt like Lily Aldrin:

1. When she was jealous and went a little overboard with her stalking.


2. When she was just being one of the guys.


3. When she was overly protective and possessive of her bestie.


4. When she perfectly understood fashion struggles.


5. When she knew exactly how to be a good friend.

6. When her emotions were all over the place.


7. When she would tell her friends how to live their lives was always ready to give her friends advice.


7 times I totally felt like Monica Geller:

1. When she was super on point with her cleaning skills.

2. When she was just as good at flirting as I am.

3. When she knew how to have fun. “Rules are GOOD! Rules help control the fun!”


4. When she was crazy OCD about cleaning and organizing.

5. When she was too loud and shrill. Yes, I’m either too quiet or too loud — I KNOW!!


6. When she was overly competitive and had to be the best at everything all the time.



7. When she was all about that tough love.



How would YOU describe yourself in three fictional characters?

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