What I’m Watching: My Fall 2016 TV Guide

As an avid TV fan and aspiring TV writer, I’m often asked the questions, “What do you like to watch?” and “What are your favorite shows?” and “What are you watching?”. I’m pretty much asked some variant of this every time I meet someone new and we talk career stuff, so you’d think I’d have come up with a good answer by now. But NOPE. I’m almost always completely frazzled by the question and can’t think of a proper, concise answer because honestly… I WATCH TOO MANY SHOWS. (And yet still not enough.)

So here’s a compilation of everything I’m currently watching. I say CURRENTLY as in currently airing or having aired episodes in the current year. Out of all these shows, I genuinely hope you, dear reader, also watch at least a handful of them. If you do, we’re gonna need to get together ASAP and fangirl out because I LOVE talking bout my shows! Or hey, if you’re looking for some new shows to watch, maybe I’ll convince you to check some of these out.

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