About Me

Star Wars shirt, Star Trek background. It’s okay to love them both.

Hello, friend. I’m Melissa Rosson, and you’ve found my blog. The blog of an aspiring TV writer.

If you can’t tell, I hail from a small clan of nerds, geeks, fanpeople, whatever you want to call us. My dad raised my sister and me on Star Trek TOS, and I’ve immersed myself in all things geeky fandom related ever since. I love seeing the passion people can have for these things, these characters, these stories. I love seeing the impact it can have on individual hearts and minds. It’s what made me want to write.

I spent much of my life as a quiet, shy, soft-spoken, reserved, and overall introverted person. Over the years, I’ve learned to be more myself around people. (I apologize in advance if that’s too crazy or LOUD for you.) But after years of saying nothing, now I seem to have a problem with saying EVERYTHING. I say a lot of words, and I say them very quickly. I’ve got a lot to say, okay? We all do. We’ve all got stories to tell, jokes to crack, feelings to share. So of course, I’ve chosen to be a writer, and now I can say AND write my thoughts and feelings. You’re welcome, world. Hope you’re ready.

Quick Facts:

Birthday: March 30th, if you want to send gifts or something.
Hometown: Melbourne, FL (not the Australia one)
Current Location: Los Angeles, CA
Favorite Movies: Aladdin, Crazy Stupid Love, Basically the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, Indiana Jones, The Matrix, Megamind, Spider-Man 2, Star Wars, Wonder Woman
Favorite TV Shows (Drama): Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Chuck, Dexter, Doctor Who, The O.C., Star Trek, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, Veronica Mars, The Walking Dead
Favorite TV Shows (Comedy): Community, Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Parks and Recreation, The Big Bang Theory
Favorite Writers: Joss Whedon, Josh Schwartz, JJ Abrams, Tina Fey, Drew Goddard, Julie Plec, Mindy Kaling, Christos Gage, Lin-Manuel Miranda